College Management

College Management

Senior Management

Principal: Mr. David O’Sullivan
Deputy Principal: Ms. Claire Lohan

Assistant Principal I

Year Head: Transition Year (TY)
Mr. Liam Parkinson Year Head: First Year
Ms. Assupta Gillian Year Head: Sixth Year
Ms. Elaine Coffey Year Head: Third Year
Mr. Matthew Harrison Year Head: Fifth Year
Mr. Steve  Parkinson Year Head: Second Year

Assistant Principal II

Ms. Mary Grant
Mr. Hugh Lavelle
Ms. Margaret Gill
Ms. Paul Kilraine
Ms. Eileen NicDhonncha
Mr. Richard Molloy
Ms. Julie Sullivan

Other  Members of the Management Team

Chaplain: Mr. Jerry Sheehan
Coordinator of Learning Support: Ms. Nikky Fahy
Coordinator of Transition Year: Mr. Cathal O’Conchuir
Guidance Counsellor Mr. Alan O’Loinsigh
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