Senior Cycle Art Group trip to National Gallery in Dublin


TY Recreate a Painting

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2nd Year Puppets

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2nd Year 2014 – 2015

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Junior Cert Project Work 2014-2015

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Junior Cert Project Work  2013

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Watch the progress of the new Andrew’s Building mural, painted by Roisín Mulliez (5th Year).

 Roisín Mulliez & Dee O'Brien (Art Teacher) as work begins!

Roisín Mulliez & Dee O’Brien (Art Teacher) as work begins!




Roisín with the mural.

Roisín with the mural.

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The completed mural!


Djuna O’Neill (5th Year) begins the new Griffin Building mural!

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Djuna with her blank canvas – ready to begin!

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